Counselling Practitioners

Belinda Bucknell

Belinda Bucknell is an energy worker who uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Access Bars to help clients overcome their emotional and physical issues. Utilising the power of the mind body connection, Belinda specialises in discharging emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and reoccurring patterns from the subconscious mind to bring about permanent change.

Belinda’s highly developed EFT skills combined with her natural ability to read energy means that her clients move their issues much faster than traditional therapies and without too much effort at all. Whether it’s an EFT session or an AccessBars session, her clients often report, they feel free, positive and light. 

If you are ready to release your old patterns and stuckness, if you’re sick of struggling to feel good or if you’re struggling to achieve the life you really want, healing, transformation and empowerment is possible using Energy Medicine. Call Belinda on 0447 044 073 to see how these revolutionary tools can benefit you”. 


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Energy Healing Work for

– Anxiety/depression

– Confidence & Self Esteem 

– PTSD/Trauma

– Phobias

– Relationship Issues
– Grief and Loss

– Weight Loss 
– Chronic Pain & Illness

– Performance Enhancement

– Spiritual Mentoring

$125 per session