Kinesiology Practitioners

Kylie Nicholls

Tapping into the body’s natural wisdom and healing ability is possible through kinesiology techniques and is the basis for all sessions at Healthy Kinect Kinesiology.

At Healthy Kinect, Kylie can work with you to tap into your body’s natural healing potential and tailor sessions using a wide range of kinesiology techniques, including: muscle balancing, postural analysis, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflex points, lymphatic massage, specific body movements, nutritional testing and balancing, energy work, and emotional stress release. 

Feel empowered and motivated to UNLOCK your own UNIQUE Mind-Body-Balance Code and start YOUR journey today back to your TRUE, BALANCED and BEST version of YOU…

Modality : Kinesiology
Focus Areas : Stress and Anxiety, Pain and Inflammation, Nutritional Health, Digestive Issues, Fatigue and Energy Balance, Emotional Stress, Relaxation, Women’s Health, Sports Performance, Postural Analysis and Muscular Imbalance.

1 hour kinesiology session – $80

1.5 hour kinesiology session – $110

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