Infra-red Sauna

Full Spectrum Infra-red Sauna light may assist with detoxification, pain relief, muscle and workout recovery, lowering inflammation, improving sleep, supporting collagen productivity and thus skin integrity, improving mitochondrial function and energy, and meeting your body composition goals.

Our Sauna room is all about rejuvenation and health. Enjoy time devoted to stretching, breathing, hydrating and healing. Bring a book, pop on your favourite podcast and relax.

Please read the Healthy Hub Infrared Sauna Terms of Use prior to booking your session: READ HERE

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Please bring a towel and drink bottle to your appointment. To gain entry you MUST have a towel. At your appointment time, please head up to the Wellness Centre waiting room and a team member will check you into your sauna session. Enjoy your session!


30 minutes $25

1 hour $39