Organic and Gluten Free Café serving Healthy and Delicious food

Food for the SOUL

On the ground floor of our stunningly refurbished building, we have an Organic and Gluten Free Café, delivering food which not only tastes sensational but also feeds your body and mind to support wellness. We also stock a range of Organic produce and pantry items for you to take home and create your own wholesome goodness.

Our Café food is made fresh daily by our team of brilliant Chefs and cooks. As such, our menu and dishes are changeable, dependant on the availability of produce and the current season.

To give you a taste… some of our core dishes include…

All Day Hub Breakfast– Your choice of Gluten Free Strada Toast or Sweet Potato Toast. Then build with your favourite toppings such as free range Millbrook eggs, nitrate free bacon, garlic mushrooms, 15-hour roasted pulled pork, free range marinated chicken, halloumi, Bean mix, smashed avocado, Goats cheese, fermented vegetables or kale chips. FYI the sweet potato toast is LIFE changing!

Fresh Flavoursome Salads– Superfoods salad, sweet potato salad, mixed bean, roasted quinoa and red rainbow slaw are just some of our salad varieties. We adore a good salad, with any meal, and at any time of the year! They can be purchased on their own or as a side. For meat eaters, you may wish to top your salad with our 15-hour roasted pulled pork or marinated free-range chicken. For our vegan and vegetarian friends, for an added protein boost, add Millbrook free-range eggs, halloumi, mixed beans, tempeh or organic tofu.

Nacho Bowl– We love healthier versions of food favourites, especially this Nacho Bowl! Spiced bean mix, garlic mushrooms, corn & tomato salsa, seeded rice, zesty avocado dressing and a side of organic non-GMO corn chips. Soo good you will keep coming back for more!

Soups– Our nourishing soup varieties are endless, all depending on the weekly vegetable haul and season. Classics such as Minestrone, Thai pumpkin, Parsnip & Potato, Roast Vegetable and Spicy Tomato are Hub favourites. Choose to have a side serve of Gluten Free Strada Toast, the perfect soup accompaniment!

Hot pot of the day– this is where our Chefs have some fun and their culinary skills shine! Varieties range from creamy Thai curries and Moroccan inspired stews to Buddha Bowls and Russian Borscht. Travel around the culinary world with the Hub!

Rice Paper Rolls– You better get in quick as these bundles of goodness do not last long! Packed full of Asian inspired fresh vegetables with a decadent dark dipping sauce. Varieties include organic tofu, tempeh, pulled pork and satay chicken. Yum!

Garden Fresh Frittata’s– Filled with free range Millbrook eggs, seasoned roasted vegetables, and nitrate free bacon. Pair with a side salad and this protein filled frittata will keep you going all day! Vegetarian options also available.

Hub Beverages

Wild Timor Organic Coffee – Wild Timor’s organic coffee Beans are ethically & sustainably sourced. This single origin bean carries a smooth, velvety Arabica flavour with the intense caffeine hit of a Robusta Bean. With your choice of milk – Schulz Organic Full Cream & Low Fat, Bonsoy soy milk, Pure Harvest almond milk & Coco Quench coconut milk

Zee Tea Herbal Latte’s – Potent healing teas to ignite the senses and tantalise the taste buds. Blends include Chaga mushroom, Roasted Dandelion Chai, Golden Turmeric, Matcha Green tea and Red Velvet.

Chai Tea – Chai Tea is a favourite at the Healthy Hub, and Chai lovers are often divided over loose leaf or powdered… So, we have sourced the very best local varieties of both! Prana Chai is an all-natural, loose leaf wet Chai made locally in Melbourne. Grounded Pleasures is an exquisitely ground sweet Chai made locally in Ballarat. Full of nourishment we just want to hug the mug and never let go….

Zee Tea Herbal Tea – The medicinal, healing qualities of tea have been utilised for centuries. Nothing quite compares to sitting down to a good cup of tea. Do you require a calming blend such as our Field of Dreams, an Immune Boost, or a soothing digestive tea such as our Peppermint Lux. If classics are your thing English breakfast, Earl grey or Sencha green tea may truly hit the spot!

Smoothies: Smoothies are nutrient power houses, at the Hub we squeeze as many superfoods into your smoothie as possible to ensure you leave feeling energised and full of life. Varieties include The Green Governor, Choc Mint Chip, Chocamel, Berry Booch Bliss and Sunshine.

Because BALANCE is important: We also offer Organic and Preservative Free Beer, Wine and Spirits

Beer – includes Mountain Goat & Prickly Moses varieties

Wine – includes The Natural Wine Co, Angrove, Temple Bruer, Captains Creek & Kangaroo Hills varieties

Our Mission

Our focus is on meeting our client’s individual needs. We are committed to providing a multimodality service to meet a range of dietary, lifestyle and health choices. We specialize in stocking products suitable for individuals with a range of intolerances.

It is our mission to provide food with SOUL.

  • Sustainable & Seasonal
  • Organic
  • Unprocessed
  • Local

Our suppliers are selected based on providing quality products which follow the SOUL values.

Eating food which is Seasonal, Organic and Unprocessed ensures we are serving you only the freshest, nutrient dense foods which keep you feeling happy, energised and well.

We support local and Australian businesses, helping our community to flourish.


At the Hub, we follow the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle. Sustainability is a measure we all must adopt to improve the health of our environment. The health of our body is greatly influenced by the environment in which we live, and at the moment, our earth is not well, it needs major self-care. Small changes at a grass roots level can make a difference and at the Hub, we are mindful to:


  • single use plastic: no plastic bags, water bottles, bin bags, straws, cutlery or packaging
  • coffee cups, straws and takeaway containers are 100% plastic free and 100% compostable, they are made from earth friendly fibre’s such as corn starch, sugar cane, paper and bamboo


  • We offer a .50c discount on all takeaway drinks if you bring in your keep cup
  • No plastic toys: Our children’s play area stocks solid wooden toys only


  • Most of our furniture has been made using recycled materials such as pallets and reclaimed timber