Welcome to the Hub Wellness Studio, located on level 1 of our beautiful Bridge Mall Centre. Our intimate studio is filled with natural light and period features creating a cosy, safe space for you to relax, stretch and breathe.

Our experienced health professionals are passionate about an individualised approach to health, our workshops and class sizes are smaller affording a more personal experience. Our aim is to provide you with an inclusive, relaxed environment, designed to meet your individual needs, no matter at what stage of your health journey.

We look forward to working with you, this is your time for loving self-care, see you in the hub!

Find Your Way: Health Series

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Everything In-Between

Is this for me?

– Do you have sensations of overwhelm, panic, sadness, anger or low self-worth?
– Would you like to learn practical solutions to improve your emotional wellbeing?
– Understand the role of Nutrition and gut health for optimal brain function?
– Try a host of different modalities to see which feels right for you?
– Dedicated time for you and your health?
– Enjoy relaxation, good food and good company?
– Suitable for all ages: Mother and Daughter, Father and Son: help your household to feel better
– Male and Female: Couples, Friends, or Work Colleagues: let’s support each other to live a happier healthier life

2 Day Workshop Experience

– Full day: Saturday the 23rd of November 2019 10.30am-4.30pm
– Half day: Sunday the 1st of December 2019: 1pm-4.30pm

Venue: The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre, level 1, 100 Bridge Mall, Ballarat VIC 3350

$149 (plus booking fee)
1 Ticket for $149 includes entry to BOTH DAYS
LIMITED to 15 places ONLY! BOOK NOW!

What does my Ticket include:
– 2 Days of rich content
– 7 Health Professionals and Modalities providing relaxation and practical take home solutions
– Lunch and Afternoon Tea

EXTRA Take Home Value:
– A Workbook to help you act and implement strategies learnt during the program
– A Recipe booklet from The Healthy Hub Café
– A healing food and lifestyle plan from Stacey-Lea Gibson (with recipes) for optimal brain function
– Access to Stacey-Lea Gibson’s exclusive Drop Box which contains over a thousand of her favourite recipes, nutrition and food resources for health
– Vouchers and special offers from local businesses for ongoing self-care
– Aftercare Support from your Program Presenters

Let us help you find your “right fit” to get you back to your BEST health!

The Healthy Hub Find Your Way Health Series is back. Hub Director and Naturopath Stacey-Lea Gibson has teamed together a dynamic group of health professionals to create practical and informative workshops to help you Find Your Way to better health.
Stacey has noted during her years in clinical practice that her clients who could achieve and maintain their health goals were the ones that;
– could access nutrient dense food that was individualised to their health condition
– had access to a variety of Health Professionals that were the “right fit” for their health
– had an environment which supported their journey

The Find Your Way Health Series bundles together all of this and more!
– A host of health modalities and therapists for you to experience and “find your right fit”
– Nutritious food for you to try and learn to prepare
– Take home value including recipes, food plans, lifestyle tips, practitioner contacts, and gift vouchers for self-care treatments, all within a welcoming, supportive environment

Full Schedule Detail:

Our most popular workshop topic Take Control of your Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Everything In-between runs over 2 content filled days! Your 2-day program includes:

1. Linking Body and Mind through Breath
A guided Yoga and Meditation session with Carly Murdoch. Learn simple poses and breath work to calm the body and mind and empower you to live a more present, grounded and connected life. No prior experience required and practices are suitable for all levels of ability

Lean more about Carly:

2. Naturopathic Principles for a Happy Healthy Mind
Clinical Naturopath and Healthy Hub Director Stacey-Lea Gibson will share her professional and personal insights with you across 2 separate sessions.
The first session will help you to identify and navigate what external and internal factors may be driving your mental stress and how to implement simple strategies for you to take back control.
The second session will focus on nutrition and meal planning. We often find it hard to make the connection between what we eat and how we think and feel. Stacey will demonstrate how to make simple, delicious snacks designed to calm your nervous system and transform your brain.

Learn more about Stacey:

3. Experience Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Belinda Bucknell, Certified EFT Practitioner and Mind Body Coach is presenting ‘How to Quickly and Naturally Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Depression’. You will experience EFT for yourself, a modality which allows you to tap into your own body’s meridian system, targeting the brain’s stress response, to leave you feeling lighter, calmer and more confident.

Learn more about Belinda:

4. Experience Kinesiology
Megan Jones from Connect Balance Grow will guide you through quick and easy mental fitness exercises to switch on the brain and help you to release emotional stress. You will experience Kinesiology for yourself to see if this is the “right fit” for you.

Learn more about Megan:

5. Experience Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
Dr. Joanna Mangan is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, Reflexologist and Remedial Therapist. She has over 15 year’s experience in the Natural Therapies industry, assisting clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Acupuncture helps to restore overall balance to the body by reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow to the primary organs, and regulating hormones, including sex, thyroid, and emotional hormones. Joanna will demonstrate self-directed acupressure points for you to use, anytime of day, for stress relief.

Learn more about Jo:

6. Rebecca Holly from Remedy Botanica
Naturopath, Herbalist, and Kinesiologist by trade, and a healer, witch and magic-maker at heart, Rebecca Holly’s life’s work is to support both herself and others in the reclaiming of the deep, authentic self. It’s about reconnecting with the natural workings, movement and cycles of our earth, which is mirrored by the cycles within us. Experience meditation, Tarot card readings and a herbal tea ceremony with Rebecca.

Learn more about Rebecca:

7. Sound Bath Experience
Rob and Julie from Phoenix Alternative will treat you to a harmonic sound healing meditation. Lay back, relax, and release anything that no longer serves you. This is an experience like no other and is not to be missed.

Lean more about Phoenix Alternative:

8. Lunch and Afternoon Tea
Lunch and Afternoon tea is provided by the Health Hub Café. Stacey-Lea Gibson and The Hub team look forward to nourishing you, serving you food that tastes sensational whilst feeding your mind and body to support your wellness goals.
Includes lunch and afternoon tea on Saturday the 23rd and afternoon tea on Sunday the 1st of December

ONLY 15 spots available: BOOK NOW!

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