Our Origins

A note from the Healthy Hub Director Stacey-Lea Gibson:

As a Naturopath and Remedial therapist, I have noticed through my years of clinical practice that my clients who could successfully achieve and maintain their health goals were the ones that;

  • could access nutrient dense food that was individualised to their health condition,
  • had access to a variety of complementary therapies,
  • had an environment which supported their health journey.

With this observation, The Healthy Hub was born. On the ground floor, a nutritionally sound Café, focusing on individualised take away, dine in and weekly meal plans that cater for food intolerances, and individualised dietary and lifestyle requirements. On the 1st floor, a Wellness Centre comprising of a variety of complementary health qualified professionals. The entire centre’s team and clients will become a supportive environment for all individuals no matter at what stage of their wellness journey. The aim is to assist all client’s to be successful in reaching and maintaining their goals by providing these services in an easily accessible location.

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